Oded Forer
Oded ForerYonatan Sindel/Flash90

After requesting that funding be revoked for yeshivas belonging to the militantly anti-Zionist Yerushalmi Faction which is staunchly opposed to haredi enlistment in the IDF, MK Oded Forer (Yisrael Beytenu) has now appealed to the Government Advertising Agency and demanded that they stop published advertisements in the 'Hapeles' newspaper which is identified with the Yerushalmi Faction.

"The newspaper is one of the central mediums inciting against IDF enlistment and encouraging the rioting which we have seen in recent weeks," said Forer in his letter.

He said that the demonstrations of the Yerushalmi Faction cause harm first and foremost to the haredi community and that the state must act against the journal which supports these actions. "In the last few weeks we have been witness to riots and street blockades orchestrated by a small group of extremists from the Eda Haredit opposed to soldiers and to enlistment in the IDF. These are serious acts which incite to violate the Enlistment Law and harm all the strata of Israeli society and especially haredi society."

"Incitement against soldiers serving in the army or intending to enlist and attempts to persuade them not to enlist are acts which cannot be ignored and require a response from the Israeli government. One of the central mediums opposing IDF enlistment is the 'Hapeles' newspaper which quotes halakhic decisions which grant legitimacy and free reign to those who incite against enlistment."

Forer checked and discovered that the Health, Economic affairs and Environment Ministries advertise in "Hapeles". In his letter to the ministers holding these portfolios, Forer asked them to stop funding it "in order to prevent an absurd situation in which the government of Israel is paying those who incite and demonstrate against the IDF and its soldiers."