Stockpile of pirate gas cyliinders
Stockpile of pirate gas cyliindersIsrael Police spokesperson

In a joint operation, the Israel Police and the Energy Ministry's Supervision Department discovered on Tuesday 42 gas cylinders in an improvised storehouse in Bnei Brak's industrial zone.

The stockpile was discovered after Israel Police received a report that gas in the storehouse was being used and endangering the industrial zone's workers, who also live there.

Israel Police also discovered the storehouse's owner did not have a license to use the facility.

The gas canisters were removed to a safer facility, and an indictment was filed against the owner, who is suspected of working with gas and running the storehouse without a license.

The Energy Ministry emphasized that it is illegal to store gas cylinders in homes, stairwells, storerooms, and other closed spaces. It is also illegal to store gas cylinders on rooftops or on porches. Gas canisters should only be stored in rooms which were designed for the purpose, and only after the owner has received a license to store them.

Using "pirate" gas is also dangerous, since the cylinders are not always in good condition, and safety inspections are not always carried out - often with disastrous results.