Shlomo Neeman
Shlomo Neemanצילום: יח"צ

Shlomo Neeman, yesterday elected (Tuesday) head of the Gush Etzion Regional Council, visited the Temple Mount this morning.

"I thank G-d for having been elected and consider it to be a heaven sent mission to lead the region," said Neeman. "May G-d grant success to endeavors, and to those of the people of Israel."

A few months ago Neeman dedicated a Torah scroll to the Temple Mount. Neeman had the following embroidered on the scroll's cover: "This Torah is dedicated to the synagogue to be established on the Temple Mount. The scroll belongs to the Neeman family, Karmei Tsur, 5777, fifty years since liberation of the Temple Mount, and twenty-five years since our arrival in Israel."

In yesterday's election in Gush Etzion 6,658 voted out of 13,357 eligible voters. The final voter turnout was 49.85%. Shlomo Neeman won 44.42% of the vote, acting head Moshe Seville won 36.66%, and Moshe Brickner won 16.5% of the vote.