Tova Neufeld
Tova Neufeld Neufeld family

More than five and a half years ago 3-year-old Tova Neufeld of Beit El was killed in a road accident. A car driven by an Arab crashed into the family car on the road near the community of Adam north of Jerusalem. Yet up to this date there has apparently been no progress in the legal proceures against the offending driver.

In an Arutz Sheva interview, Tova's father, Ariel, spoke about the event and the legal impasse since then.

"It was on the intermediate days of Sukkot, the whole family travelled from Beit El towards Jerusalem. Suddenly a car travelling opposite us crossed a dividing line... it was at the moment that Gilad Shalit was freed, so we know the exact date. Just as the broadcaster said "here is Gilad Shalit" it happened...

"We were travelling slowly, which turned out to have helped the rest of the family. Suddenly we noticed that a car had crossed the dividing line in an attempt to overtake, crossing two lanes and hitting us head on. As a result of the accident my daughter was killed, my wife's hand and ribs were broken as well as my nose. My daughter Shira was badly injured and remains bound to a wheelchair."

The Neufeld family spent the next few years recuperating physically and mentally and did not get involved in the trial of the marauding driver until a half a year ago Ariel received a phone call from which he learned that nothing had happened in the accident case.

Neufeld says that over the course of the years no representative of the Military Prosecutor came to hear testimony from him or to report about the investigation of the case. The only legal representative to meet him was the traffic investigator who asked questions but nobody else. "They didn't inform us about an alcohol check or about whether they had considered nationalist motives, they simply told us that there weren't any such motives," says Neufeld

In response the IDF spokesman said that "in March 2016 an indictment was issued against Ghassan Haled Abu Ramuz on charges of causing death by reckless driving and other offences, based on evidence from the investigation. The case is still being conducted in court in accordance with the hearings convened by the court."

Neufeld says in response that it is strange that the investigation took place without anyone contacting the injured family to obtain evidence or to update them about the investigation.

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