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US President Donald Trump called last night in a Tweet on courts to “act fast” and make a final decision on the travel ban he had instated, citing the urgent need to resist “radical Islamic terrorism.”

“The threat from radical Islamic terrorism is very real, just look at what is happening in Europe and the Middle-East. Courts must act fast!” he wrote.

Earlier this week, a federal appeals court in San Francisco had denied an emergency motion filed by the US Justice Department to reinstate US President Donald Trump's frozen travel ban.

The temporary ban barred nationals of seven ISIS-ridden countries from entering the US.

"Appellants' request for an immediate administrative stay pending full consideration of the emergency motion for a stay pending appeal is denied," wrote the US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit.

On Friday, Seattle Federal Judge James Robart had issued a restraining order on Trump's ban, allowing previously barred individuals to freely enter the US.

In response, Trump had poured out a series of Tweets condemning the decision. “"Because the ban was lifted by a judge, many very bad and dangerous people may be pouring into our country. A terrible decision.”

"The judge opens up our country to potential terrorists and others that do not have our best interests at heart. Bad people are very happy!" he tweeted several hours later.