No one understands how Julian Edelman made the catch that led his team to victory. Many are already calling it the greatest catch in the history of the Super Bowl. Others say it's just the craziest.

"I don't know how he caught it. I don't think he knows," said teammate and New England Patriots star Tom Brady, who made the pass.

The game was one of the most dramatic in the history of American football, and has been compared to Donald Trump's election victory. The Patriots were in arrears 28-3 versus the Atlanta Falcons in the third quarter of the game, but finally managed to win 34-28 in overtime.

Edelman's catch was in the fourth quarter, when the Falcons led 28-20. The ball was thrown from a distance of about 25 meters, and was at first fumbled by one of the Falcons, Robert Alford. But Alford could not gain control of the ball, it hit his leg. And somehow, with perfect instincts, Edelman managed to catch it a few inches from the turf.

Edelman became the star of the Super Bowl and commentators who interviewed him after the game said that the game will be remembered for his historic play.