Matan Peleg
Matan PelegIm Tirtzu

Matan Peleg, Executive Director of the Im Tirtzu movement, sent this morning (Monday) a strongly worded letter to Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat requesting that he cancel a Breaking the Silence event at a gallery sponsored by the Jerusalem Municipality. Breaking the Silence is an organization that demonizes IDF soldiers in Israel and abroad by propagating stories of alleged cruel and illegal actions, unsubstantiated in many cases and shown to be outright falsehoods in others.

Peleg noted in his letter, "This is not the first time the Barbour Gallery seeks to use public resources to provide a platform for anti-Israel views."

"Two years ago the gallery hosted an exhibition by the Ir Amim association that presented the personal stories of East Jerusalem residents while glorifying activities of convicted terrorists. Now it appears the gallery management has reverted to form and seeks to host another seditious organization," said Peleg.

Peleg said that he is strongly opposed to providing a platform - based on public funding - to an organization dedicated to pursuing and denigrating IDF soldiers and that works to undermine Israel's standing in the international community. The Education Ministry has banned Breaking the Silence from appearing in schools.

"The event being held in a city-funded venue out of taxpayer's pockets is unacceptable and therefore immediate action must be taken to cancel it," stated Peleg.