Baby Rami with his mother Rihana
Baby Rami with his mother RihanaShai Ben Naftali

One week ago, rhinoceros calf Rami was born to 7.5-year-old Rihanna.

Rihanna arrived at the safari four years ago, hailing from Pretoria in southern Africa.

A year and a half ago, safari workers noted Rihanna's udders were full and that she was distancing herself to more hidden areas of the open safari. They decided to mate her with Etri, and the countdown began.

A few days prior to the calving, the workers again noticed her udders were full and that she was searching the safari for a concealed spot to give birth.

Early one morning last week, workers discovered a baby rhinoceros, born the previous night. The workers slowly encouraged Rihanna to move to the safari's "maternity ward," so that she would be in a calm, quiet place.

The safari's other twelve rhinoceroses can now greet Rihanna and her new calf. When the two are ready to rejoin the others, they will already be an accepted part of the herd.

Safari staff have noted that Rihanna is a terrific mother, nursing, protecting, and taking care of her baby with devotion.

Looking for a name which starts with the letter "R," safari staff chose to name Rihanna's calf Rami, after the head of the safari's African Department, who recently celebrated his 60th birthday and 30 years with the safari.

The Broad-lipped Rhinoceros is a severely endangered species, and only 301 are left in the world. European zoos and safaris are taking part in a plan to protect these endangered rhinoceroses.

The rhinoceros herd on the Israeli safari is the largest in Europe. Twenty-nine broad-lipped Rhinoceroses born on the safari since its founding.