The first-ever all-haredi paratrooper company was sworn in at an IDF ceremony at the Western Wall in Jerusalem last Thursday.

The ceremony was held just one month after the new haredi recruits to the paratrooper company arrived at the Bakum (induction center) for new service members.

Col. Nimrod Aloni

"I am proud to welcome the first haredi company becoming part of our brigade,” said Paratrooper Brigade commander Col. Nimrod Aloni.

“I don't have a slightest doubt that a new company will be professional and strong, both physically and spiritually. From now on, you will be paratroopers. I wish you great success, you are true pioneers.”

In a statement by rabbis associated with the Nahal Haredi Foundation, which provides support to haredi soldiers, the foundation praised the new paratroopers as trailblazers.

"Today we have witnessed a historical moment. This new haredi company in the IDF will continue the process of integration that was started by the Netzah Yehuda (Nahal Haredi) Battalion. One can be professional soldier and in the same time a practicing haredi Jew".

credit: הלל מאיר
credit: הלל מאיר
credit: הלל מאיר