Black Lives Matter together with far left organizations on Saturday held a demonstration in Toronto protesting US President Donald Trump's "racism," "Islamophobia," and his decision to temporarily ban the citizens of seven countries from entering the US.

The organizations blamed "national and white supremacism" for "terror activity" against blacks, and insisted the Canadian government condemn American policies and open the US-Canada border to accept barred immigrants and travelers.

Yousara Hougali, who is one of the founders of Toronto's Black Lives Matter branch, claimed in her speech to the crowd of demonstrators that Canada was founded on the murder and subjugation of a nation. She also said the founders' policy is still perpetrated by the modern liberal government.

"When Justin Trudeau says that he is a liar! He’s a hypocrite! He is a white supremacist! Terrorist! That is what he is," Hougali said. "Do not be fooled by his liberal bull****. Do not be fooled.

"We have to rise up and fight back. Because we will not be moved.... We are the people. We have the power... We have the numbers.... Don’t you ever forget that! They make us… forget that all the time, but we realize this – when we come together, we can do anything."