Hundreds of people on Sunday evening responded to a call on social media and attended the funeral of Clara, a lone elderly Holocaust survivor.

The call on social media said that a Holocaust survivor with no relatives had passed away and expressed concerns that there will not be a minyan at the funeral. It asked the public to make an effort and come to the funeral. Hundreds of good citizens responded to the call, including MKs Ayelet Nahmias-Verbin (Zionist Union) and Michal Rozin (Meretz).

Gili Cohen, who volunteers at the Association for Immediate Help for Holocaust Survivors, met Clara as part of her work at the organization and she and her friends accompanied Clara until her final days.

"Our beloved Clara," eulogized Cohen, who also initiated the call to the public to attend the funeral. "One winter day, you entered our hearts. There in the internal medicine ward at Ichilov Hospital, you lay without moving, breathing heavily, asking to die. You could not find a reason to live. You had suffered enough."

"I want to tell you, our beloved grandmother, thank you. Thank you for a lesson in life. Thank you for loving back unconditionally. Thank you for your smile and touch. Thank you for the opportunity to give you so little compared to what you really deserved," added Cohen.