Justice? Flash 90

A new book published in the US - Campus Rape Frenzy - describes the activities of "kangaroo courts" for sexual offenses established in colleges across the United States, where men have no real chance to come out innocent.

The author, Stuart Taylor, appeared on the Fox News network Friday to explain that the radical feminist claim, according to which one in five women undergoes sexual assault on campus, is "absolute nonsense". The surveys on which this claim is based, he said, are made by private entities "who have agendas", ask misleading questions, and avoid asking women directly if they have been raped or assaulted.

Taylor added that federally-mandated surveys indicate that in reality about one in 50 women have experienced some type of sexual assault during four or five years of college study. "It's also far too much", he said, but it is not the kind of steadily "escalating national crisis that the Obama administration pretended it was."

Colleges operate "squadrons of sex bureaucrats" who judge men accused of sex crimes without granting them the chance to face and cross-examine their accusers or to see evidence against them, added Taylor. Colleges also encourage women to claim they were raped even in cases where they simply changed their minds about what they wanted after the fact.

Also, he said, colleges encourage women to complain on campus and not to police, because the police will conduct a professional investigation and may not convict the suspect. Colleges, for their part, automatically condemn and expel the accused from school. As a result, Taylor said, real rapists do not go to jail and are liable to rape again.