New York subway
New York subwayFlash 90

A Jewish woman was verbally abused and shoved aboard a New York City subway by a man with a German accent who recited from an anti-Semitic pamphlet, according to a newspaper report.

The incident Monday evening occurred shortly after the suspect, a white man in a dark blue jacket with close-cropped blond hair, boarded the train at a downtown Manhattan station, according to the report Thursday by the New York Daily News, which cited unnamed police sources.

The suspect shoved the woman, an unnamed 25-year-old, after shouting at her “dirty Jew” and “hail the Hitler Youth!” He was carrying a black bag or briefcase and is still at large, the report said.

In an apparently unrelated incident, a swastika was found etched in a subway window at a station in Manhattan's Tribeca neighborhood on Wednesday morning.

The New York Police Department said it has seen a dramatic rise in hate crimes following the election of Donald Trump, with the majority of incidents directed at Jews.