Marine Le Pen
Marine Le Pen Reuters

Right-wing French politician and presidential candidate Marine Le Pen is the only politician who has spoken up front about fighting extremist Islam.

Le Pen also called on France to leave the EU, not admit any more refugees, and fight terror with new tactics and a heavy hand.

"I think that patriotism is never racism. To love your country and to want to preserve its culture and identity, to want to protect American interests in America, French interests in France, and Israeli interests in Israel, is perfectly legitimate.

"I call on leaders to act as homeowners and not as renters or infiltrators who have no rights. The most important part of having a country is owning your own policies, so that they can stay free and give you security."

Speaking about Trump's recent ban on the citizens of seven countries entering the US, Le Pen said, "I completely disagree with the claim that this is an attack against Muslims. That's a lie - because there are tens of Muslim countries in the world which are not on this list."

"I see that this ban is working everyone up. But on the other hand, there are fifteen countries that do not allow Israeli citizens entry, and no one bats an eye."

The Jewish community remains unimpressed, though, since Le Pen four months ago pushed to ban all religious clothing in public areas.

"Since I believe all French citizens should receive equal treatment, I support the ban on wearing a kippa (yarmulka, skullcap) in public areas. Honestly, I think the situation is dangerous enough that those Jews who wear a kippa in public are the minority. They're scared. But mostly, I think that the fight against radical Islam needs to be a joint battle, and we need to be able to say that we're sacrificing something.

"Maybe they'll just wear hats, but at least it will be a step in eradicating extremist Islam in France," she concluded.