Attorney and Otzma Yehudit party representative Itamar Ben-Gvir, who was in Amona during the eviction, said that youth who came to Amona in support of the community during the eviction were being unfairly demonized.

“I also think that it is forbidden to raise a hand against soldiers, and when one of the kids shouted ‘Nazi’ at a policeman I silenced him.

“Even so, we need to get things straight. Not only the youth attacked police but, in many cases, where it was dark and there were no cameras, police mercilessly beat those same youth.

“For example, in the synagogue, police didn’t allow press to enter during the first stage, and whoever was watching TV stations saw that most of the pictures were coming from the Police Spokesperson,” Ben-Gvir said.

He added that “it was clear from the outset that this was not Gush Katif. No leaving in song and dance with the expellers. I, of course, think that the blame for the incidents lies not with soldiers or police but with the government of Israel and the legal system. Nevertheless, protest is allowed.”

Ben-Gvir was critical of Minister of Internal Security Gilad Erdan, who had written on Twitter “It’s saddening that the press is giving a platform to the lies of Ben-Gvir and his friends who attack police forces. All violent and criminal activity is being committed by the thugs holed up [in the synagogue].”

“The fact that you are a Minister doesn’t mean that you are above the prohibition of slander. I suggest that you check yourself before blaming. I saw police beatings with my own eyes, believe it or not,” Ben-Gvir responded.

Ben-Gvir brought up the fact that “exactly as Minister Erdan said today, [Jewish Home Chairman] Naftali Bennett said more than a year ago, that the press is giving a platform to my 'lies' concerning the ‘Duma incident’ as it were, while it has, since then, become clear that the Shin Bet lied to politicians [regarding Duma]. It’s a pity that Erdan didn’t learn a lesson.”