Ofek Buchris
Ofek Buchris Flash 90

A special military court at the Tel Aviv Kiryah army base demoted Brigadier General (res.) Ofek Buchris on Thursday morning to colonel, after Buchris had admitted and been found guilty of sexual harassment of his subordinate as well as acting inappropriately towards another subordinate.

The panel of judges accepted by a majority the plea bargain agreement which had been signed between Buchris's lawyers and the Military Prosecutor which includes a seven-month suspended jail sentence regarding the sexual harassment charge and another two-month suspended sentence regarding the inappropriate behavior charge. Judge Zvi Garfinkel the minority opinion felt that Buchris should be demoted two ranks.

The head of the panel of judges, Colonel Orli Markman said in the hearing that "the punitive aspect of the case should be restricted to a demotion. The standards expected of senior officers are much higher and the expectations are commensurate to the rank of the officer."

Despite this the judges praised Buchris for his military activities, "risking his life, participating in fierce and dangerous battles and being critically injured, and making his way up the ranks of the army."

Buchris said at the hearing that he is sorry for his actions. "I take full responsibility for the acts described in the indictment and express my great sorrow for them. I served the country for three decades. I am grateful for the great opportunity I have had to serve my country. The IDf was my entire life. In one thing I have no doubt. I will continue to contribute to the country, wherever, whenever, and in whatever ways I can."

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