Dor Sela with her two children
Dor Sela with her two children Unknown

28-year-old Nadav Sela is suspected of murdering his wife, his two children and a neighbor's son in the town of Migdal near Tiberias. He was remanded in custody for another week. Police placed a gag order on the details of the investigation.

The shocking murders occurred last Shabbat. Sela murdered his wife, Dor Karsenty, his two children, 8-month-old Binyamin and two-year-old Yosef as well as Nahman Attiya, his 11-year-old neighbor who was visiting the family for the Shabbat meal.

Sela is also suspected of stabbing Nahman's brother, 10-year-old Natan, who escaped through the window and was moderately injured.

At Sela's remand hearing, lawyer Erez Moskowitz of the Public Defender's Office, who is representing Sela, said that "this is a terrible tragedy." The court has referred the accused to the district psychiatrist who will recommend that he be committed for psychiatric evaluation.

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