Atty. Itamar ben Gvir
Atty. Itamar ben GvirEliran Aharon

Attorney Itamar Ben Gvir referred this afternoon (Tuesday) to the order issued against Amona residents entitled "Order regarding unauthorized structures".

Ben Gvir noted that similar orders have reached the judge's desk in the past, both in the Jerusalem District and Magistrate Courts, who all ruled that the order does not constitute authority to forbid people from being present in Amona.

"In various decisions the judges held that the order is meant to prevent construction of illegal buildings, but it does not prevent people from staying in the designated area despite verbiage in the order prohibiting entry and presence of people," stated Mr. Ben Gvir.

Ben Gvir also said that he once sued the police after being detained on the basis of an identical order. Judge Shmuel Herbst ordered the police to compensate him for the two hour delay, and also he determined that it is not possible to prevent people's presence on outposts based on the order.

According to Ben Gvir, "The meaning is clear. People can continue to stay in Amona."