Baruch Marzel
Baruch Marzel Flash 90

Israeli politician and Hevron resident Baruch Marzel responded to claims made against him by the radical-left “Breaking the Silence” organization.

Breaking the Silence, which works to undermine Jewish presence in Judea and Samaria, accused Marzel and other Hevron residents yesterday of “manipulating soldiers into working for them” - by means of inviting soldiers for Shabbat dinner.

Marzel responded that, on the contrary, taking in guests without ulterior motive is a mitzvah that dates back to the patriarch Abraham.

“My house is located where our forefather Abraham invented the mitzvah of taking in guests, and it will continue to be open to every Jew - and especially to the righteous IDF soldiers.”

He noted that Breaking the Silence would have attacked him in any event. “If I had prohibited only soldiers from coming in, the Left would have attacked me.”

“I will continue to love the soldiers and show my appreciation as is proper - and the Leftists will have to deal with it,” Marzel concluded.

Marzel’s statements come after Head of Breaking the Silence Yuli Novak had accused Hevron residents of trying to inculcate soldiers stationed in Hevron with “ideological, racist, and messianic Torah.”

“Marzel and his friends continue to host soldiers on Shabbat eve,” she told Army Radio. “They continue to inculcate soldiers with ideological, racist, and messianic Torah. They also continue to roam freely in operational zones and manipulate soldiers into working for them,” she had said.

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