Motorcyclist (Illustration)
Motorcyclist (Illustration) Thinkstock

Israel's Defense Ministry, through the Senior Deputy Unit for Insurance Claims and the Defense Ministry's legal adviser, has demanded a criminal convicted of ramming a policeman in 2013 pay 150,000 NIS to the State of Israel.

The criminal is being sued in a civilian suit brought against him by the Defense Ministry.

In April 2013, the criminal was driving his motorcycle on Route 443 at approximately 8:00pm when he drove past a police checkpoint, rammed into a policeman, and drove off.

The motorcyclist was later apprehended, convicted, and sentenced to five and a half years in jail. He was also ordered to pay compensation to the officer he rammed, who suffered severe injuries to his leg and is currently recognized as a disabled veteran of the IDF.

Israel's Defense Ministry files claims against every party, including private individuals, who cause, by their actions or negligence, damage to Defense Ministry workers or property.

The criminal is currently incarcerated and will pay 150,000 NIS to the Defense Ministry, in addition to the compensation paid to the policeman himself.

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