The Naale/Elite Academy is an experiential life-changing educational experience in an international environment.

Naale brings Jewish teenagers from around the world for a full high school program in top Israeli educational institutions all over Israel.

Participants study at the best Israeli high schools and receive an Israeli Matriculation certificate upon completion of their course work.

Jewish families are having a harder time funding private Jewish education, and Naale is no doubt a solution which offers Jewish education, and much more.

The program is first and foremost an academic program that enables its graduates to finish high school with a full Israeli matriculation that it is recognized by academic institutions in Israel and around the world.

Naale stands for “Noar Oleh Lifney Horim” or "Children immigrate before their parents" in English. Although the immigration aspect is not a condition, it seems that this program touches the right place in the hearts of the participants, and their families.

Getting to know Israel, its culture, and its history is one of the main values of Naale, and it's much more than just learning the language, it’s experiencing Israel first hand via trips, educational and extracurricular activities.

“I’m meeting a lot of new friends, I’m doing very well in school and my Hebrew is getting a lot better,” said Leora Pineles from New Jersey.

“We know that there are two major factors that make or break Aliyah. The first one is livelihood, and that’s something to which we can’t contribute, but the second is education for the teenagers and that’s where we feel we can help,” said Rabbi Yossi Kahana, principal of Ulpanat Bnei Akiva Amana.

“We feel that this is our shlichut (mission) for the people of Israel: To do something which is real and which promotes the people of Israel in general,” he added.

Naale is fully subsidized and supervised by the Israeli Ministry of Education.