Jerusalem city councilman Moshe Leon at protest
Jerusalem city councilman Moshe Leon at protestHezki Baruch

The Jerusalem municipality decided Sunday evening to continue and intensify the strike over the refusal of the Treasury to transfer funds to the city.

It was decided that schools in the capital would begin at 10:00 AM tomorrow morning. In addition, all after-school programs throughout the city will be cancelled starting tomorrow, as the municipality says that the funds to run the programs have not been provided by the Treasury.

Municipal services will also continue to be curtailed tomorrow. Other educational institutions, including institutions for special education, will function as normal tomorrow.

The campaign, which the Jerusalem municipality and the Histadrut are both participating in, along with the parents organization and community leaders, stated "The failure to transfer the funds to Jerusalem will result in layoffs and the severe curtailing of municipal services provided to the citizens."

City workers will hold demonstrations tomorrow throughout Jerusalem. Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat called on the Finance Minister to personally intervene to have the full allocated budget provided to Jerusalem to prevent the residents of the capital from suffering as services cease.