Kahati with order banning him from Temple Mount
Kahati with order banning him from Temple MountNone

Temple Mount activist Yair Kahati, one of the leaders of the Returning to the Mount Movement, was summoned Sunday for a hearing by the police. During the hearing he was informed that he had been banned from ascending the Temple Mount for six months.

The Jerusalem District Court issued the order, stating that Kahati was "a danger to the public on the Temple Mount."

Kahati had promised a district police commander to keep the law on the Temple Mount, but was not ready to commit to obey any order from a policeman on the Mount.

Kahati said: "The police, who have failed to eradicate the Jewish worship on the Temple Mount, have decided to use dictatorial orders to personally harass activists. There is no danger if I ascend the Temple Mount. On the contrary,the danger stems from the Arabs on the Mount, who enjoy special treatment from the police, while the Jews who follow the law are removed from the Mount without even a court decision."

The Returning to the Mount movement issued a statement: "There is no doubt that the police are working with the explicit goal of the elimination of the Jewish redemption, and act against Jews who demand their full rights. The fundamental right of the Jewish [people] is to build the Temple, and this right should be clear to everyone. And soon we will be able to fulfill our [religious] obligations on the Temple Mount."

"Unfortunately it seems that the government should learn from the President of the United States that the way to defeat terror is not through the containment of the enemy, but through his expulsion from the country. There is no better place to begin the process of the expulsion of the enemy than from the Temple Mount." the statement concluded.