'The Monster' of Kiryat Yovel
'The Monster' of Kiryat Yovel Photo by Michal Fattal/Flas

Following protests by the haredi community against an event initiate by the community council of the Jerusalem neighborhood of Kiryat Yovel, the Jerusalem municipality issued a statement that the event requires a permit, and that in the absence of a permit it would not be allowed to take place.

The event was to take place by the 'Monster Park' of Kiryat Yovel, a park with a sculpture of a black and white monster with three tongues which serves as children's slides. 'The monster' is a famous landmark in Kiryat Yovel.

"You advertised on the Facebook site that you plan to hold an event, featuring music,food, and drink. As such, it requires a business license in accordance with the business licensing laws." wrote Assistant Municipal Attorney General Haim Nirgasi, in a letter published on haredi forums.

Another representative of the municipality wrote that although an application to receive the proper business license had been submitted, the process of approval has not yet been completed and the temporary license granted to the event organizers has long since expired.

"Therefore, whereas operating a business without a license is prohibited by law, if the event will be held it will be deemed enforceable according to the policy of the municipality."

Earlier this week, the residents of Kiryat Yovel,as well as the members of the community council, were invited to an event at the 'Monster Park' Friday night, after the beginning of the Sabbath at sundown on Friday.

Haredi representatives of the municipality protested the planned event and demanded that the municipality intervene to prevent any desecration of the Sabbath.

The haredi representatives wrote: "This Friday night, the community leaders are planning hold an event in celebration of Tu B'Shvat. Please cancel this event, which is to take place in a park close to municipal bodies."

The Jewish holday of Tu B'Svat falls out on February 11, 2017.

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