Hackers (illustrative)
Hackers (illustrative)Reuters

Printers on the campuses of three universities — Stanford, Vanderbilt and California, Berkeley — produced anti-Semitic fliers in a suspected hacking attempt.

At Stanford, anti-Semitic fliers were sent to printers in offices around campus, The Stanford Daily reported Thursday. The FBI has joined the investigation there.

Last week, fliers with swastikas appeared on printers at the University of California, Berkeley, according to NBC. The fliers seemed to reference Jan. 20, the date of President Donald Trump's inauguration, and read "Samiz.dat … It’s almost here, we take power on the 20th.” Samizdat was a dissident activity in the Soviet bloc in which people would reproduce and distribute censored publications.

Printers at Vanderbilt, in Nashville, started spewing anti-Semitic fliers last week, according to The Tennessean.

Last year, similar attacks on printers occurred at a half dozen college campuses in Massachusetts and Rhode Island, as well as others across the country, including Princeton. They were hacked with an anti-Semitic and racist flier.

A white supremacist computer hacker, Andrew Auernheimer, told The Washington Post that he committed the 2016 cyber attacks.