Terror attack scene
Terror attack sceneIsraeli Police

The High Court ordered tonight (Monday) that police release the body of Yakub Moussa Abu Alkian, the Bedouin who rammed a policeman to death during the evacuation of buildings in Umm al-Hiran and was shot by other officers at the scene.

However, the judges approved a number of restrictions to be imposed at the funeral at the request of the police. The court ordered that "the funeral will be held tomorrow in the daytime and not at night. It will take up to two hours as requested. The funeral procession will leave Umm Al-Hiran towards Hira during daylight hours, to be coordinated with the police. If the police request, the family will employ ushers to maintain order.

"The Israeli police are assumed to make appropriate arrangements for preventing unnecessary friction and ensuring public order," the judges wrote in their decision.

Until now the police have refused to release the body of the Bedouin who ran over Erez Levi.

The investigation into the incident continues and therefore the police have requested to delay the burial of the body, but the court rejected the request.