Naftali Bennett
Naftali Bennett Flash 90

Education Minister Naftali Bennett called for the government to take advantage of the opportunity provided by the Trump Administration and to apply Israeli sovereignty over the city of Maaleh Adumim immediately at the Jewish Home faction meeting Monday.

"The US is entering a new era. The State of Israel is also this week entering a new era for national security," Bennett said. "Prime Minister Netanyahu faces a historic decision: either sovereignty or Palestine. Either sovereignty or ISIS on Route 6."

Bennett continued: "We call upon Prime Minister Netanyahu: don't miss this opportunity which came only after 50 years. We will give complete backing to the Prime Minister to act with courage and determination. There is a perception that we must continue to manuever and defend, but we must initiate [policy] and stick with it."

He recalled that in 1981, former Prime Minister Menachem Begin acted "with courage" and applied Israeli sovereignty to the Golan Heights. "Today we all understand that he (Begin) was correct. No one will take care of the security of Israel if we do not do it [ourselves]. This is the time for action, not excuses."

Bennett also addressed the State Comptroller's report on Operation Protective Edge,which is due to published this week. "We must not suppress the report on Operation Protective Edge, and neigther should we use it for political assassination. Rather, we must learn from it and how we approach our security to [approaching it] with decisiveness. Instead of a 50-day stalemate, we will have victory in five days."

"It is time for Israel to return to achieving victory. Only confidential elements should not be disclosed. Learning the lessons from the details will allow us to move forward. I was there. There is what to improve in the Cabinet," he declared.

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