Rabbi Yair Frank
Rabbi Yair Frank Noam Moskowitz/ Flash 90

Amona's Rabbi Yair Frank spoke with Arutz Sheva about why Amona residents are renewing their battle for legalization.

"Unfortunately, today we are looking at the land in question, and there are no buildings. There isn't even a single tractor. The agreement we made with the government is officially dead," Rabbi Frank said. "The Prime Minister and his government made promises, but they have not been kept. There are two weeks left before the court-ordered bulldozers arrive and demolish our homes.

"The most logical solution is simply to legalize the homes in Amona and Ofra. This is an historical opportunity for both Israel and the US. If we're already talking about bigger solutions such as annexing Maaleh Adumim, it's not a big deal to prevent the destruction of Amona.

"If, G-d forbid, Amona isn't legalized and the government deal falls through, we will encourage people to return to Amona. We're against violence, there will be no civil war and we won't harm a single person. But we will ask people to come join our protest, and to be there with us on that awful day.

"Amona's residents still hope the decision makers will wake up and save us and the nine houses in Ofra. We have turned to Likud and to the Jewish Home, and we hope they will help us.

"We feel the government did not actually take responsibility for carrying out their promises. We feel like we were tricked. They could have done things differently. So now we are going back to our original request to leave Amona in its place on the same mountain, and to legalize it as is.

"And if that does not happen, we will all be here together," Rabbi Frank concluded.

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