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Roi Abecassis, Secretary General of World B'nei Akiva (WBA), related this morning (Sunday) to the report on anti-Semitism that was published by the Diaspora Ministry. Abecassis said that "the data in the report are consistent with reports last year that we hear frequently from our 150 representatives spread throughout the world.

"The appropriate response to this worrisome trend, both on a moral and substantive level, is in strengthening the new generation's connection with Judaism and cultivating its relationship with Israel, the only place where the fate of the Jews is in their own hands.

"This connection also gives young Jewish communities the tools to serve as faithful ambassadors of Judaism and the State of Israel, both in social networks and institutions of higher education. These figures motivate us to expand our activities to other countries while expanding our circle of representatives outside of Israel."

Jacob Haguel, Deputy Chairman of the World Zionist Organization, responded to the data at a cabinet meeting this morning: "The handwriting was and still is on the wall - many Diaspora Jews are afraid to reveal their religion, they believe that the antisemitic incidents in their countries have become commonplace and are not reported.

"And what's more severe: Blurring the lines between criticism of Israel and antisemitism inevitably leads to an increase in antisemitism around the world. Diaspora Jews suffer antisemitic incidents that stem directly from the campaigns and the boycott movement against Israel, and we see that there is a correlation between the mood of the international public agenda and the escalation of antisemitic incidents occurring in the world, their frequency, and violent nature.

"The World Zionist Organization will continue to fight the ugly phenomenon, not only during the day set aside for the international fight against antisemitism that we are sadly attending, but every day of the year and with all the forces necessary."