Israeli forces at Umm Al-Hiran
Israeli forces at Umm Al-HiranJoint Arab List spokesman

Islamic Jihad leader Hadir Habib called last week's events in Umm Al-Hiran "Israeli aggression against our brothers."

The illegal Arab settlement of Umm Al-Hiran in the Negev was destroyed last week after 12 years of negotiations with the residents failed to produce an agreement.

"What happened in Umm Al-Hiran in the Negev, including the demolition of buildings, encourages us to stand hand in hand with the residents in their fight against the occupation," Habib said. "There is no difference between our brothers in occupied Israel or outside of it.

"The Palestinian military forces will not desert our families, our brothers, in Umm Al-Hiran or within the Israeli occupation. It is the same occupation and the same system," he emphasized.

Habib also called on Palestinian-Arab terror organizations to kidnap soldiers and "settlers" in order to pressure Israel to free jailed terrorists.

All of the terrorists jailed in Israel are guilty either of murder or of attempted murder.

An Israeli police officer was killed in a terror attack in Umm Al-Hiran, when an Arab settler purposefully rammed into him.