B-2 bomber
B-2 bomber Thinkstock

American airstrikes in Libya killed close to 100 ISIS terrorists at two separate training camps Wednesday night.

Defense officials told Fox News they estimate 85 ISIS terrorists were killed in the strikes, which hit camps 30 miles southwest of Sirte, Libya.

Two B-2 ‘Spirit’ stealth bombers operating out of Missouri dropped a total of 108 guided bombs on the two camps, which were struck again by drone aircraft in a clean-up sweep, firing Hellfire missiles. The bombers refueled five times during the mission, and returned back to their base in the US without landing.

Defense Secretary Ash Carter told reporters at a press conference Thursday that the terrorists killed in the strikes were “actively plotting operations in Europe.”

Carter said the strike was intended not only to prevent future attacks, but also to give the terror organization “the lasting defeat it deserves.” He added that “little nests” of ISIS terrorists and other combatants had formed across the country as the Libyan civil war rages on.

The Sirte area has become a frequent target of US airstrikes, with nearly 500 operations since August, by both attack aircraft and drones.