Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat is to open a national campaign Thursday in support of incoming president Donald Trump entitled "Israel Welcomes Trump". ( Barkat will address the citizens of Israel via new media and ask them to sign an internet manifesto thanking President Trump for his unwavering support for Israel and for his promise to transfer the American embassy to Jerusalem. Barkat himself will present the letter and the signatures to officials in the American administration.

Barkat's call comes after eight years of Barack Obama's presidency led to a significant deterioration in relations between Israel and the US, with the lowest nadir reached after the US abstained in the UN vote against Israeli construction in Judea, Samaria, and East Jerusalem and even initiated the resolution behind the scenes.

The campaign in support of Trump comes at a time when the Palestinians and their supporters are making strenuous efforts to prevent the transfer of the embassy to Jerusalem. At the same time Barkat is calling on Israeli citizens to thank President Trump for his unflinching support of Israel and for his promise to transfer the embassy. Campaign organizers hope that the manifesto will serve to strengthen Israeli society against the anti-Israel initiatives of the Palestinian Authority.

Barkat added that he was addressing "all the sectors of Israeli society" and asking them "together to signal to officials in Washington that the biggest friend of the US is still here."