IDF soldiers at Joseph's Tomb
IDF soldiers at Joseph's Tomb IDF spokesman

During the course of Tuesday night hundreds of worshipers from all over the country arrived at Joseph's Tomb near the city of Shechem. The tomb precinct was protected by IDF forces assisted by Border Policeman, Shomron district police and the Civil Administration in order to ensure that prayers would take place as planned.

During the course of the visit there were a number of disturbances around the city and a stonethrower was arrested near the tomb by IDF forces. The prayers took place without incident.

This entry into Shechem is the next in a series of coordinated entries in which security forces have suceeded in ensuring the safe entry of worshipers to the tomb precinct.

Shomron Brigade Tracking Officer Major Sharif Anaim told Arutz Sheva that "we patrol the road [leading to the tomb] in order to allow civilians to pray in the precinct. We search the area and verify that there are no explosive devices there in order to provide total security. We do this in full cooperation with the bomb disposal experts and the dogtrainers. We search the tomb from the outside, inside and on the roof and verify that there is nothing suspicious. I feel that we succeeded in performing our mission in the best possible way.

IDF sources said that the entry into Joseph's Tomb involves a complicated security operation since the tomb is in the center of Shechem. During the course of the entries the IDF deploys forces around the city in order to secure the tomb precinct and the roads leading to it.

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