Arab commentators on social media reacted angrily to footage of IDF soldiers moving a wounded 17 year old terrorist who had thrown stones at border policemen

The terrorist had fallen after being shot during a riot of approximately 200 Arabs in which stones and Molotov Cocktails . The video shows the soldiers moving him to seek medical attention and carrying him by his limbs. He was later pronounced dead.

After he was brought to the IDF vehicle for medical treatment, about 200 Arabs began to riot and throw Molotov cocktails at the soldiers. One of the firebombs caused a fire in front of the vehicle, leading to the soldiers driving away.

An IDF spokesperson released a statement about the incident. "During the riot of approximately 200 Palestinians from the village of Tekoa, which included stone throwing and Molotov cocktails at security forces, a border policeman fired on one of the rioters. After he was identified, an IDF force went to him to provide immediate medical attention. During the evacuation, stones were thrown at the force in such a manner as to endanger them, so they quickly evacuated the wounded to a safer location to provide medical treatment, where he was pronounced dead. An investigation is underway.

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