Aryeh Deri at conference
Aryeh Deri at conference Hexki Baruch

Interior Minister Aryeh Deri spoke Tuesday afternoon about the investigations against Prime Minister.

"The relationship between public figures and politicians is to be expected here. There is nothing new. But this discovery made people open their eyes, because everyone knows about the great hostility between the two ('Noni' Mozes and Netanyahu)," Deri said at a conference for haredi news organizations and publications.

Deri hinted of the desire of a number of journalists to cause Netanyahu harm. "We don't have to be Elijah the Prophet to know what each other's interests are."

Deri was asked by the interviewer, journalist Avi Mimran, how he believes the affair will end. He replied: "The Attorney General is a decent, God-fearing, person. I believe he will make the correct decisions on the matter. I do not know all the material."

If Netanyahu to resign, it there a possible coalition alternative?

"We allow the Prime Minister to serve as long as the law allows him to be Prime Minister. We back him on this. I wish him success so it does not come to that. My assessment is that if he will have to retire according to the law, it will probably be close to the next election."

Deri had also referred the issue of haredi media, and promised to fight for the establishment of an haredi radio station as part of the state's public broadcasting.

"We need to establish a haredi radio. This is the way of the State of Israel to give the public what it deserves with public broadcasting - to establish an independent haredi media, without donations," said Deri.

According to him, there is need for a new "haredi radio station under rabbinical supervision, so that all haredi Jews can turn on the radio without censorship. We will have to fight even on this issue. "