Police conduct searches in Shuafat neighborhood
Police conduct searches in Shuafat neighborhoodPolice spokesperson

Security forces cracked down overnight on a terror hot-spot in the Shuafat refugee camp in northern Jerusalem, seizing weapons and arresting suspected terrorists.

According to a statement by a police spokesperson, the joint operation was conducted by Israeli police and the Border Police late Monday night and early Tuesday morning in Shuafat.

The site of frequent clashes, Shuafat has seen a surge in recent years of attacks on the light rail train which passes through the area.

Nine suspects were arrested in the operation, which was intended to curtail illegal weapons sales in the neighborhood and bring rioters involved in attacks on security forces and the light rail train to justice. The suspects have been accused of involvement in terror activities, rioting, and other criminal offenses.

A total of 14 buildings were searched during the raid, which turned up knives, clubs, an air gun, and a flak jacket.

Officers deployed in Shuafat
Officers deployed in ShuafatPolice spokesperson