Minister Elkin gives Speaker Edelstein signatures of 72 MKs
Minister Elkin gives Speaker Edelstein signatures of 72 MKsKnesset spokesperson

Minister Ze'ev Elkin submitted to Knesset speaker Yuli Edelstein the 72 signatures from MKs required to begin impeachment proceedings against Joint Arab List MK Basel Ghattas.

Ghattas was arrested and indicted for smuggling mobile phones to terrorists in Israeli prisons earlier this month. The phones are used to coordinate terror attacks from prison.

Edelstein remarked that this was the first time "and hopefully the last" that an impeachment procedure was begun against a sitting MK. He stressed that he was consulting with the Knesset's legal team to ensure that all procedures in this matter are conducted according to the letter of the law.

Coalition Chairman David Bitan earlier stated that he believed that the movement to expel Ghattas from the Knesset would succeed because a number of MKs from the opposition supported the move and were among the 72 signatures submitted to the Knesset Speaker.

Ghattas is not only alleged to be implicated in aiding terrorists in Israeli prisons. Earlier today he was questioned by police on allegations of forgery, fraud, and money laundering, among other charges.