May Golan, active on behalf of south Tel Aviv neighborhoods, unveiled tonight (Monday) on Facebook a security video which she says was filmed in the old central bus station in southern Tel Aviv, showing three infiltrators attack an IDF soldier.

"I am exposing here for the first time a brutal and shocking attack on an Israeli soldier who 'dared' to go to the old bus station in Tel Aviv in the evening where he was robbed and beaten with unimaginable brutality by three Eritrean infiltrators - called by the Left 'refugees'", she wrote.

"You can see in the video how one after the other, one Eritrean intruder and another one and another one arrive to continue to hit the soldier who fought bravely and courageously against these three monsters", added Golan. "It's not enough that we send our boys into battle, they now have another battle when they get off at the bus central station, to fight with the Eritreans."

According to her, thanks to security cameras and the soldier's complaint, Israeli police managed to catch the attackers. Golan did not specify when the video was filmed.

"Many neighborhoods throughout Israel continue to be conquered from within by tens of thousands of Eritrean infiltrators and the tens of thousands of children they bear - in order to establish and consolidate their remaining in Israel," Golan claims, and appealed to the Prime Minister to deport the illegal Eritrean infiltrators.

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