Protesting anti-Semitism
Protesting anti-Semitism Hadas Porush, Flash 90

Between Sunday night and Monday night, Bar Ilan University will hold a conference titled, "The Challenge of Fighting Anti-Semitism." The conference is in memory of Chaim Herzog, who tore up the UN document claiming "Zionism is racism."

Coalition Chairman David Bitan (Likud), Opposition Head Yitzhak Herzog (Zionist Union) and other MKs will participate in the conference, which is run by the Dahan Center for Society, Culture, and Education according to Sephardic Jewish Tradition, together with the World Zionist Organization.

Arutz Sheva spoke with the CEO of the Dahan Center for Culture, Society and Education in the Sephardic Heritage, Dr. Shimon Ohayon. Ohayon said the problem of anti-Semitism may be expressed in various ways, and each needs to be dealt with appropriately. Ohayon also emphasized that anti-Semitism is a global problem, and needed to be dealt with as such.

"It's not something that affects only a small part of a specific sector of society," Ohayon said "It affects every aspect of Jews' lives and the Jewish world: synagogues, Jewish streets, newspapers, internet sites, parliaments, campuses. There are anti-Semitic incidents in all of these and more."

Ohayon called on the Israeli government to "join hands with other governments to advance legislation on the topic, even if it means investing resources to do so."

"One of the places where anti-Semitism is most dominant is on college campuses in the US and Europe. Jewish students there are left to suffer abuse and estrangement," Ohayon continued. "The extreme left's brainwashing, together with extremist Islam, excuse anti-Semitism claiming it is simply anti-Israel behavior.

"We need to band the Israeli Zionist forces together, and I think Yitzhak Herzog for joining us at this conference, together with David Bitan. This is an important topic which crosses political boundaries... We need to organize a war against those Israelis who support Breaking the Silence and BDS.

"These are organizations which help our enemies. It's not a simple problem, an we need to deal with it both in Israeli society and by creating appropriate legislation. I hope there will be a consensus, just as there was in Chaim Herzog's time. Everyone supported him when he acted in the UN, and he knew the entire Israeli public, as well as all Jews, stood behind him."