Egged Ta'avura  bus
Egged Ta'avura busMeir Selah

Recently Egged switched its bus lines in the Kiryat Arba-Hevron area for lines run by its subsidiary, Egged Ta'avura.

As a result of the move, the lines received new drivers, many whom are Arabs who live in Jerusalem's Arab neighborhoods.

These neighborhoods have produced large numbers of terrorists, and members of the Kiryat Arba Council are organizing a protest.

"We have discovered that Egged Ta'avura's new bus drivers are residents of Jabel Mukaber, Shuafat, Silwan, and similar neighborhoods. We are worried for our families' safety. Unfortunately, last week we were witness to an excellent example of why it is not a good idea to employ Arab drivers," a Kiryat Arba Council member said.

"We do not want terrorists and their accomplices working here," he added. "Our request is legitimate. When the bus driver is an Arab who lives in the Arab neighborhoods of Jerusalem such as Jabel Mukaber and Al-Issawiya, there is a justified concern he will take his passengers, our children, to Halhul or the Arab neighborhoods of Hevron. We do not want this to happen. The terrorist who killed the IDF soldiers last week also had a blue identity card."

In their letter, the Kiryat Arba Council members suggested making service in the IDF or National Service a pre-requisite for employment as a bus driver in the Hevron-Kiryat Arba area.