French MP Meyer Habib
French MP Meyer HabibPublic relations

French Member of Parliament (MP) Meyer Habib spoke about Sunday's scheduled Paris conference.

"We're talking about a pitiful and unproductive initiative. It looks like an obviously anti-Israel gathering, aimed at ruling to harm Israel. The conference's purpose is clear: To bring Israel back to its pre-1967 borders," Habib said.

"If you're already arranging an international conference in Paris, the logical purpose of that conference would be to decide on how to deal with ISIS and the threat of jihadist terror, both Sunni and Shiite. This terror has already killed 250 French citizens. But obviously no one is dealing with it.

"There's one purpose to this conference: To rule against Israel, the only Jewish state in the world and the only democratic country in the entire region. Israel is an island of stability in the Middle East. Israel shares our democratic and humane values," Habib emphasized.

"The drafts of this conference's conclusion, which were leaked by the media, leave no room to doubt the organizers' intentions. They claim Israel alone is responsible for ensuring peace in the region. There's not a word mentioned about the Palestinian Authority's resistance to peace, or about Israel's right to exist as a Jewish country with any kind of borders. Not a word is mentioned about Hamas' intent to destroy Israel, and not a word is mentioned about the PA and Hamas' constant incitement to terror or glorification of terrorists.

"Just like everyone else, I dream of true and lasting peace in the Middle East. But one thing is clear: This is a dream which cannot come true if we weaken and hurt Israel. Attempts to harm Israel will cause a ripple effect which reaches far beyond Israel's borders, to Europe and France."

"A peace agreement can only be signed if there are bilateral negotiations and compromises. But most importantly, it can only be signed if there is a complete cessation of jihadist terror.

"We need to understand and acknowledge that we're not talking about a conflict of borders, but a conflict of cultures. The Paris conference proves we have lost all shame," Habib concluded.

On Saturday night, sources in Jerusalem said the Paris conference is "worthless and extraneous" and emphasized it will only push peace farther away. Israeli Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked (Jewish Home) emphasized that "a thousand Paris conferences will not destroy us."