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Dog (illustration) Agriculture Ministry

A British dog-owner and her boyfriend admitted to owning a dog that was dangerously out of control after the pooch viciously attacked a woman, leaving her with permanent scarring across her face, the BBC reported.

Sylvia Baillie, 60, was bitten on her cheek by an American Akita in the Scottish town of Paisley. She had been attempting to pet the dog when it attacked her.

Baillie's suffered permanent scarring to her face. She later recounted that the doctors who operated on her following the attack "lost count" of the number of stitches they used to keep the side of her face together. She was unable to eat most solid foods and had trouble speaking following her mauling.

Leeane McHugh, 35, admitted to owing the dog, which was dangerously out of control. She and Baillie were neighbors at the time of the incident.

McHugh's boyfriend, Patrick Maher, 46, plead guilty to the same charge after the same dog attacked his aunt, who suffered "severe injury and permanent disfigurement" to her arm and whose wrist bone was exposed by the dog bite.

The prosecutor told the court that neither defendant had done anything to help Baillie when their dog attacked her despite being home at the time.

The dog faces euthanasia for the vicious maulings.

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