Professor Moshe Sharon, Professor Emeritus of Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies at Hebrew University and former adviser on Arab affairs to Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin, accused the Palestinian Authority (PA)of being unwilling to negotiate in good faith with Israel.

According to Prof. Sharon, the PA "tries, usually to get somebody else to do the job for them. Somebody else will get them a state. Somebody else will get them anything that they wanted."

"In fact, in all of the negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians, they wanted the outcome of the negotiations to be put on the table before the negotiations started." he said.

He said that the PA expects the same thing from the Paris peace conference next week. "They want that this meeting in Paris...will get for them all the things they could not get directly from Israel in negotiations."

He added that in the most recent negotiations between Israel and the PA, "nothing came out it, not because Israel didn't want to approach the Palestinians favorably, but because they wanted the outcome to be known before the negotiations even started."

Prof. Sharon accused the PA of refusing to make any concessions to achieve a peace agreement. According to him, the PA turned to the international community to pressure Israel in the hope that "they will get this Palestinian state without them having to contribute anything."