Yoram Sheftel
Yoram SheftelFlash90

Attorney for Elor Azariya’s Defense Yoram Sheftel called Thursday for Chief Military Prosecutor Sharon Afek to open an investigation against Kfir Brigade Commander Guy Hazut for what he termed “serious meddling in legal proceedings,” following the release of a recording of Hazut’s private meeting with Elor’s father Charlie.

“Take a look - the Commander turned on his own initiative to the father of the accused, behind the backs of his defense team, and begged him to fire his legal team and not appeal, while intimating without any facts to substantiate his conclusions that the Justice Minister, as it were, thinks that the chances of a successful appeal are low.”

Sheftel also attacked the IDF spokesperson for denying, following the meeting, that these things had been said.

“This shows the ‘integrity’ of the IDF spokesperson in everything related to all the pronouncements up to this point,” he charged.