Elor Azariya's lawyer
Elor Azariya's lawyerYoni Kempinski

Defense Attorney for soldier Elor Azariya Ilan Katz reacted to the recent conversation between the Commander of the Kfir Brigade, to which Elor belongs, and Elor’s father Charlie.

“When the Brigade Commander tells him ‘don’t file an appeal,’ this is against the law. When your Brigade Commander tells you that your attorneys are acting out of foreign interests, this is a transgression of the law which borders on slander,” Katz told Army Radio.

Katz did not accept the proposition that the Commander had been acting purely out of concern for Elor when he held the conversation.

“It may be cynical to think like this, but I don’t buy that theory,” he said. “The conversation was held intentionally because they understood too late that the behavior of the Army was not okay.”

“In my opinion, the Army behaved much like a mafia in this case.”