Meir Porush
Meir Porush Hezki Ezra

Deputy Education Minister Meir Porush (UTJ), speaking in the Knesset, suggested a means of controlling the all-too-common phenomena of violent behavior and alcohol consumption in Israel's educational institutions.

Porush proposed that institutions which have a significant number of violent incidents in their student body should be monetarily penalized.

“Why not try this tool? An institution which has significant percentages of violent incidents needs to [take action] to make order. Why just encourage them and not request a return of funds, or at least demand that they maintain [a certain standard], so we don’t have to hear MKs coming here and saying: ‘Look, every year the percentage of violence rises more and more.’ Why should it rise?”

“After all, [educational institutions] get money from the Education Ministry. Why don’t they need to give an accounting of what happens at school? I think that if the Education Ministry would fine those institutions large sums of money, this phenomenon would stop or at least diminish.”

The Deputy Minister pointed to the bill that he proposed while he was in the opposition, whereby schools would receive funding in inverse proportion to the presence of violence on their premises; the more violence, the less funding.

Porush added: “How can it be that we don’t check a school which has known percentages of violence or alcohol-drinking? We need to find a way to monitor schools or institutions which are losing control in this matter. Every school needs to know that its budget is not ensured if it doesn’t take steps to crush this phenomenon.”