Construction in Jabel Mukaber
Construction in Jabel MukaberFlash 90

After the attack at Armon Hanatziv perpetrated by a resident of the adjacent Jabel Mukaber neighborhood, the Jerusalem Municipality has decided to initiate a sweeping law enforcement operation in Jabel Mukaber and destroy illegal structures erected on open areas, as well as dealing with construction offences in the village, mapping illegal structures for legal proceedings, investigating municipal debts and other city-connected issues.

In the course of this activity the municipality demolished structures and cleared a 5 dunam area which was zoned for educational institutions for the Armon Hanatziv neighborhood. The Arabs of Jabel Mukaber had illegally erected 8 temporary structures which served as a building supplies firm and caused significant disturbances in the area.

Additionally, teams from the building supervision department located and mapped out illegal structures in the village, as well as identifying the owners and implementing enforcement regulations regarding building offences.

The police and surveillance department yesterday initiated the demolition and removal from a 1.5 dunam area of 5 illegal structures serving as stables. The area is zoned as open public space as well as for building a road and the construction was illegal.

The area was cleared, the structures were demolished and the animals were transferred to the municipal veterinary service.

The municipality stated that the law enforcement operation was designated to deal with serious and blatant construction offences, which are not only illegal but unsafe and harm the quality of life in the neighborhood.