Minister Yariv Levin
Minister Yariv LevinHadas Parush / Flash 90

Tourism Minister Yariv Levin submitted evidence at the National Unit for Fraud Investigations in connection with the affair relating to Prime Minister Netanyahu and Yediot Ahronot publisher Arnon (Noni) Mozes. Netanyahu allegedly met Mozes in 2009 and discussed the possibility of closing the pro-Netanyahu newspaper Yisrael Hayom in return for support from Mozes's newspaper.

Levin was asked if in one of his previous appointments as the coalition head or head of the Knesset interior committee, he had been asked or requested to promote a law which would lead to a limitation on the distribution of the Yisrael Hayom newspaper.

Channel 2 reported yesterday that in one of the meetings between Netanyahu and Mozes, the publisher of Yediot Ahronot said that "If you and I both agree about this law, I'll do everything I can so that you will stay around her as long as you want. I'm looking you in the eyes and saying this in the clearest possible way."

Police believe that this was one of a number of meetings which took place between the two of them and that there are recordings of additional meetings. The meetings between the two took place more than two years ago.