IDF truck
IDF truckHillel Meir

Israel's Defense Ministry, through its mission to the US Directorate of Production and Procurement (DOPP) and with the help of the IDF Technological and Logistics Directorate, has reached an agreement with Wisconsin's Oshkosh Defense for the purchase of 200 advanced tactical trucks for the IDF at the sum of 200 million NIS.

This is the first transaction for the FMTV (Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles) after which Israel's defense establishment is expected to decide as to whether hundreds of additional vehicles will be purchased to fully replace the fleet of older Rio trucks which have been an integral component of the IDF for decades.

The FMTV is a tactical vehicle with a powerful 7.2 liter engine and 8-ton carrying capacity. The first six vehicles, which were purchased in the past several months, successfully passed a series of tests evaluating their suitability for transporting troops and other relevant needs.

Deputy DOPP Director Itzik Levy said, "The delivery of the vehicles will begin during the coming year with the 200th truck arriving in Israel in the middle of 2018. The agreement [with Oshkosh Defense] also includes maintenance services in Israel which will further enhance the vehicles' operational readiness and create additional employment opportunities across Israel."