Weapons cache
Weapons cache IDF Spokesperson/Flash90

As a result of Israel's crackdown on illegal weapons factories in Judea and Samaria and Bedouin caches of stolen weapons, prices for illegal weapons have risen significantly, often doubling or tripling.

Most of the terrorists who used firearms used homemade weapons, which were bought cheaply and easily from Arab dealers. Weapons factories and caches are often built under homes, and use the "lift-the-tile" trapdoor method for entry.

Examples of terror attacks in which terrorists used homemade firearms include the shooting in Tel Aviv's Sarona market in June 2016, and the drive-by shooting which murdered Eitam and Naama Henkin in October 2015.

The vast majority of illegal weapons are used for criminal activity and not terror activity.

In August 2016, the IDF initiated a large-scale operation to shut down illegal weapons factories. This operation has continued for several months. In addition to the near-constant confiscation of weapons and closing of weapons factories, the IDF also arrests would-be terrorists on their way to collect weapons.